In the past few years, Riot’s League of Legends has remained one of the most popular games to play, and there have been numerous competitions based around it, so safe to say that the game probably doesn’t need to promote itself since its branding is already pretty strong, but hey, a little extra marketing probably doesn’t hurt, right?

That’s what Riot seems to be banking on as they have recently released a music video that is a collaboration between several artists and groups, such as Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns. Despite only one of the groups involved in the song being a K-Pop group, there is a heavy K-Pop vibe to it. However what makes this interesting is the fact that the artists themselves don’t actually feature in the video apart from their voices.

This because what Riot has decided to do is put together an animated music video featuring characters from the game that are also sporting the latest K/DA champion skins. The song is dubbed “POP/STARS” and we have to say that not only is the song somewhat catchy, but the entire production is pretty top-notch as well and fairly entertaining, especially if you’re into K-Pop or League of Legends. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, then perhaps this music video could be worth checking out in the video above.

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