According to the shipment figures, wearable technology like smartwatches appear to be on the rise, with companies such as Apple shipping more units of their Apple Watch than they did in the previous year. So much so that according to market research firm eMarketer, it could get to the point where one in 10 Americans could own a wearable in 2019.


eMarketer forecasting analyst Cindy Liu was quoted as saying, “Continuous improvements in design and functionality are key drivers of smartwatch adoption. Specifically, LTE connectivity will be a huge driver, as it allows smartwatch users to stay connected while leaving their phones behind.”

The company also thinks that older Americans will be the group of consumers that will actually make up the majority of those who adopt smartwatches. They cite health features that apparently make it more appealing to the older crowd. Devices like the Apple Watch come with features like a heart rate monitor that can alert the user to high or low heart rates, a fall detection feature that can make SOS calls, and also a built-in ECG which could have already saved its first life.

Whether or not these figures are accurate remains to be seen, but like we said, the increase in the number of shipments certainly seems to point towards wearables gaining in popularity.

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