apple watchWhen it comes to smartwatches, Apple seems to be doing pretty well in terms of how many Apple Watches that they might have sold. According to the latest figures shared by the IDC (via MacRumors), it appears that Apple has managed to ship an impressive 4.2 million Apple Watches for the third quarter of 2018.


This also represents an increase from the same period in 2017 where Apple shipped 2.7 million Apple Watches. According to the IDC, it appears that a good majority of the Apple Watches was that of the Series 3, which we suppose isn’t surprising considering that the Series 4 had only just come out around that time.

However despite the number of Apple Watches that Apple might have shipped, it looks like they’re still quite far behind the likes of Xiaomi, who the IDC estimates to have shipped 6.9 million wearables in Q3 2018. This means that Xiaomi controls about 21.% of the market, while Apple only has 13.1%. Other companies on the top five include Fitbit in third place at 10.9%, Huawei in fourth at 5.9%, and Samsung in fifth at 5.6%.

Note that these figures are for shipped units, not how many units have been sold. Shipped devices do not necessarily translate into sold devices, but since most companies tend to avoid to ship more than the demand, the discrepancies shouldn’t be too huge.

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