Apple takes a cut through the App Store whenever a developer sells something, whether it be the app itself or in-app purchases. Unsurprisingly some companies are too pleased with this practice and some have even encouraged users to subscribe directly from their website instead of through the App Store.

Apple has made some changes to reduce their cut, but it seems that it might not have been enough for Netflix. The company has recently confirmed that they will no longer be accepting iTunes payments for new subscribers. What this means is that if you’re subscribing to Netflix for the first time, you’ll have to activate your subscription through Netflix’s website.

Note that this is also applicable to customers who have cancelled their subscription and are looking to renew it, in which renewing their subscription will now have to go through Netflix’s website. That being said, it’s not terribly inconvenient for users to sign up, although they will need to enter their payment information again whereas iTunes would have already saved it.

What’s interesting is that Netflix’s move comes at a time when Apple seems to be encouraging developers to adopt the subscription model, where not only would this provide a steady stream of revenue for developers, but presumably Apple as well due to the cuts that they receive from subscriptions made through the App Store.

In a statement provided by a Netflix spokesperson, “We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members. Existing members who currently use iTunes as a method of payment can continue to do so. Apple is a valued partner with whom we work closely to deliver great entertainment to members around the world across a range of devices including the iPhone and Apple TV.”

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