For decades ever since Marty McFly wore a pair of self-lacing Nike sneakers in the Back to the Future franchise, many have wondered if such technology would forever remain as movie magic, or if it could eventually become a reality. The latter eventually proved to be true when Nike launched the Nike Mags and put them up for sale.

However the shoes were more for collection and novelty due to the fact that they were pretty heavy, but if a pair of practical self-lacing shoes is something you might be interested in, not to worry as Nike will be launching a pair of self-lacing basketball shoes come 2019 where they will cost a slightly more affordable $350.

This was revealed by the company’s CEO Mark Parker during the company’s quarterly earnings call where he said, “I’m excited to announce that in the new year we’ll launch a new adaptive performance platform in basketball at the $350 price point. We have a smart shoe designed for the perfect fit, and it’s a major step in advancing and connecting our digital transformation to product.”

Granted $350 isn’t exactly cheap when you consider that regular shoes can be had for a third of that price, but given the technology and the fact that they’ll probably go down in sneaker history, perhaps buying a pair just for collection purposes might not be that bad of an investment.

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