There are various factors that contribute to how fast our phones are, and RAM plays a role in that by allowing more apps and processes to be stored in its memory, allowing for quick retrieval when needed. We have seen instances where having not enough RAM can result in phones not being as fast as they could, so by that logic, does having more RAM mean it’ll be faster?

Unfortunately not, at least according to a speed test done by PhoneBuff which compares the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition with its 10GB of RAM against the iPhone XS Max with its 4GB of RAM. Spoiler alert: the 2.5x more RAM of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition doesn’t seem to do much as the iPhone XS Max still walked away the overall winner.

In the first round on testing, the iPhone XS Max took 1 minute 47.44 seconds, versus the McLaren Edition which took 1 minute 52.31 seconds. In the second round of tests which is the real test of the RAM on the phones, the McLaren Edition managed to pull ahead slightly by completing it in 31.25 seconds, versus the iPhone XS Max which took 34.98 seconds.

Note that these scores are slightly different from the regular OnePlus 6T speed test, although thankfully the McLaren Edition does seem to be faster which could justify its slightly more expensive price tag. However overall the iPhone XS Max still walks away the overall winner, even if by a tiny margin.

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