Many Porsche fans are looking forward to the company’s first fully electric car. Unveiled a couple of years ago as the Mission E, it will hit the roads as the Porsche Taycan. The company has revealed the Porsche Taycan prices and the top-of-the-line model is going to set customers back over $130,000.


Porsche has opened a deposit option program for its first fully electric vehicle and it has now been revealed that there will be three different variants on offer. The Drive’s Alex Roy was informed about the different models and their prices by a local brand ambassador after he signed up to place a deposit for a Taycan.

The email he received mentions that Porsche will offer three models of the electric vehicle – The Taycan, Taycan 4s, and Taycan Turbo, with prices starting at low $90,000s, high $90,000s, and over $130,000 for the Taycan Turbo. Don’t be fooled by the “Turbo” badge, it will not have an actual turbo. Porsche will ostensibly be slapping the Turbo badge on an electric car just to signify that it’s the most luxurious of all trim levels.

Porsche does have a habit of using the Turbo badge for the most expensive option in its lineups but given that all previous models have had internal combustion engines, the badge was certainly more fitting on them than it will be on the Taycan.

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