If you enjoyed the first outing of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, then you’ll be pleased to learn that its sequel could see the return of the movie’s original director. In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, it has been revealed that the movie’s original director, Scott Derrickson, has apparently finalized a deal which will see him return for the movie’s sequel.


It has been confirmed and known for a while that Doctor Strange would be getting a sequel, however when exactly the sequel will be released was anyone’s guess. However if the report is accurate, at the very least it sounds like things are moving along in terms of the movie’s development.

At the moment not much is known about what the sequel to Doctor Strange could be about, however given the way the first movie ended, there’s a good chance that the second movie could further develop Baron Mordo’s character as one of Doctor Strange’s more iconic adversaries.

That being said, there is no word on how or where a Doctor Strange sequel will fit into the MCU’s timeline. At the moment Marvel has remained mum on what Phase 4 of the MCU could look like. As far as 2019 is concerned, we can expect to see Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man Far From Home, but beyond that is anyone’s guess, although we have heard that there could be several movies in the works based on lesser-known characters.

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