If you love your manga, the downside is that unless you know how to read and understand Japanese, you’ll have to wait for the English subbed version where the official version is usually available about a week after. Either that or you could rely on fansubs which can sometimes not necessarily be the most accurate.


However the good news is that if you read manga that is usually published by Shonen Jump, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has announced a subscription service (via IGN) in which for $2 a month, you will be able to get your hands on official English versions of manga that will be available on the same day of its Japanese counterpart.

According to former editor-in-chief of Japanese Shonen Jump Hisashi Sasaki, “To remain competitive, Shonen Jump has to evolve. In the past, we’ve transitioned from print magazine to digital magazine. And now, we are excited about the new Shonen Jump. The new Shonen Jump will be legitimate, authentic and safe. You can go to Shonen Jump’s website or the app to read the newest manga for free, the same day as Japan. For $1.99 a month, Shonen Jump members will get access to new chapters as well as the back catalog to nearly everything Shonen Jump has released [in English].”

This new service will be officially kicking off on the 17th of December, 2018. There will be a free seven-day trial with a limit of 100 chapters per day. For those unfamiliar, Shonen Jump is the biggest publisher of manga and plays home to many popular titles, such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, and more.

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