While on the surface the iPhone XS doesn’t seem too different compared to the iPhone X, there are changes made under the hood that some might not have noticed. For example Apple included three new radio technologies in which tests have found that it improved upon LTE speeds.

Now it seems that Apple could be making another change under the hood for its 2019 iPhones in the form of WiFi 6. This is according to analysts at Barclay who believe that the next-gen iPhone will indeed come with support for the latest WiFi standard. Our WiFi standards have been evolving constantly, but due to the naming schemes that was used in the past, it just ended up being more confusing than helpful.

The WiFi 6 standard was announced last year and some of the changes and improvements we can expect include faster speeds, a greater range, increased capacity, reduced latency, and also better security. One of the features of WiFi 6 is also “target wake time” which is designed to help make the WiFi radios in our devices smarter where it will know when to go to sleep and when to wake up, thus saving your devices like the iPhone, from wasting battery when not in use.

We suppose it was to be expected that the next-gen iPhones would support WiFi 6, although we also have to wonder if users will actually be able to notice the differences. In the meantime while the 2019 iPhones might support WiFi 6, don’t expect to see 5G anytime soon, at least not in 2019.

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