Usually the people sitting in the front of the car are the ones who get to control the car’s infotainment system. However it appears that Apple could have been exploring an idea of allowing passengers at the back to control the system as well, which according to a patent seems to suggest the involvement of a smart seatbelt system.


According to the recently discovered patent (via AppleInsider), it calls for what Apple is referring to as an “augmented safety restraint”. Basically the system would see Apple introduce more sensors or components into a seatbelt that would make it smarter and more functional beyond just protecting passengers.

For example the patent talks about how speakers could be embedded into the strap of a seatbelt that would allow sound to be delivered to the passenger involved. It could also feature microphones that would allow the passenger to better communicate with the driver, or take place in a phone call without having to shout to the car’s built-in microphone.

It’s an interesting idea but since it’s only a patent, who’s to say if it will ever come true. In fact there is a chance that Apple’s self-driving plans might never get off the ground as the company has confirmed massive layoffs and reshuffling of the members of Project Titan, Apple’s self-driving car project.

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