Whether you’re using a third-party password manager like LastPass or 1Password, or using built-in password managers in your operating system, it works the same where you’ll need to enter a master password to view your saved passwords. Oddly enough Chrome OS never had this security where you could easily view saved passwords as long as the device was unlocked.


However the good news is that Google is finally doing something about it. According to a bug report submitted last month, it appears that Google will soon make it a requirement for users to authenticate themselves before they can view saved passwords. As to why Google has taken this long to implement this feature, it seems that it is because implementing it is trickier than it looks.

There is no word on when this feature is expected to be implemented, but it has been pointed out that a commit was added to the Chromium Gerrit this week, suggesting that progress on the feature is well on its way. In the meantime for those who are using Chrome OS, the best thing to do to keep your device secure is to lock it when you step away from your computer, especially in a public place where anyone could take a sneak peek while you’re at the washroom.

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