Last year Google announced that they would be rolling out ad blocking features to its Chrome browser where it would block ads that are deemed disruptive. The initial rollout only covered sites in North America and Europe, but Google has since announced plans to do the same to cover the rest of the world.

According to Google, “Today, the Coalition for Better Ads announced that it is expanding their initial Better Ads Standards beyond North America and Europe to cover all countries, worldwide. Following the Coalition’s lead, beginning July 9, 2019, Chrome will expand its user protections and stop showing all ads on sites in any country that repeatedly display these disruptive ads.”

For those who are unfamiliar, the Coalition for Better Ads is basically a body that has developed a standard on how ads on websites should look like. We suppose this is a bit debatable but the general idea is that ads should not disrupt the user’s browsing experience. This in turn will prevent users from installing ad blockers, which means that websites can get revenue, companies will get eyeballs on their ads, and users can browse the web without annoying ads getting in the way.

Google has also provided a link for website owners where they can check to see if their ads follow the standards set out by the Coalition for Better Ads, and make changes where necessary.

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