Movies have largely been non-interactive but it seems that filmmakers are starting to explore the possibility of films being more than just moving pictures. We’ve seen Netflix attempt an interactive movie with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and now it seems that Disney is interested in a new film in virtual reality.


This is actually not the first time Disney has put together a short film based in VR. The company had previously released a film called Cycles which they have been showing off at festivals for the past few months. However it seems that the company is interested in making another and has given the greenlight for another which will be directed by the director of Cycles.

According to Nicholas Russell, one of Cycles’ producers, “What Cycles is proving is VR is something the studio wants to explore. The fact that they greenlit another one this quickly is proof that they might not know exactly what tomorrow looks like for Disney and VR, but we’re going to keep exploring.”

The idea of using VR to watch movies isn’t exactly new. We have seen some concepts floated in the past about how VR can create a virtual movie theater, where friends can gather in a virtual space to watch a movie together like in real life.

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