While electric cars are starting to become more commonplace, the same can’t really be said for electric bikes. However there some bike makers such as Harley-Davidson who are trying their hand at making electric bikes, and now recently it looks like superbike maker Ducati has also confirmed that their electric bike is on its way.

Speaking at a Motostudent event in Spain, the company’s CEO Claudio Domenicali was quoted as saying, “The future is electric, we’re not far from starting series production.” As Electrek has pointed out, the company does not have any production electric motorcycles to its name yet, but at the same time this doesn’t mean that they are strangers to the whole concept of EVs.

The company had previously worked with other companies to produce electric bicycles, and also developed the Ducati Zero concept with the Milan Polytechnic School of Design. Exactly when the company’s electric bike will be released to the masses remains to be seen, but in 2017 Regional Managing Director Eduoard Lotthé hinted that we might be able to expect it in 2021.

If you love the Ducati brand and wouldn’t mind seeing a “cleaner” version of its bikes, then perhaps this could be worth keeping an eye out for.

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