You’ve probably realized this, but based on how a room is lit up or the colors of the walls or art, it can evoke certain feelings in you. Kia knows this and is hoping to leverage that by implementing it into the interiors of their cars, although in this particular instance, AI will be used to determine your mood and the car’s interiors will change accordingly.

Dubbed “R.E.A.D.” (Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving), this is a concept that Kia has envisioned where in the future when autonomous cars become ubiquitous, they are hoping that this system will help enhance the overall experience. “The technology monitors a driver’s emotional state using sensors to read their facial expressions, heart rate and electrodermal activity. It then tailors the interior environment according to its assessment – potentially altering conditions relating to the five senses within the cabin, creating a more joyful mobility experience.”

This concept is actually not the first of its kind. Early last year there was a patent filed by Apple that showed that the company was imagining how self-driving cars could adapt to its passengers. It would be able to detect things like stress levels and will be able to adjust its driving style.

However like we said, Kia’s R.E.A.D. system is pretty much just a concept right now, but they do plan on showing off how it could work at CES 2019 which is kicking off next week.

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