According to recent reports, it seems that Apple’s progress on their electric car is coming along nicely, to the point where Apple is apparently looking for companies to help them make their car. Recently, we heard that Hyundai was the frontrunner to produce the Apple Car, but now a new report suggests otherwise.

In a new report from eDaily out of Korea, it seems that Hyundai will be “handing off” production of the car to Kia. To be fair, this still makes the previous rumors kind of “true” because for those unfamiliar, Kia is a brand under Hyundai, so technically Hyundai would still be the one to produce and manufacture the car.

However, what’s interesting about this report is that by handing it off to Kia, it means that there is a good chance that the car could end up being made in the US. This is because Kia has a plant based in Georgia, so if Kia were to handle the production side of things, the report suggests that it would be done so in the US.

Apple and some of their manufacturing partners have been trying to bring production back to the US. In fact, some of Apple’s computers, like the Mac Pro, are assembled stateside. That being said, we doubt that we’ll be seeing the Apple Car anytime soon, so don’t hold your breath for an announcement just yet.

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