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These days it seems like everything has a camera on it, but yet one gadget that has yet to truly embrace cameras are smartwatches. There aren’t too many smartwatches with cameras out there, but according to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems that LG could be toying with the idea of such a device.

In the patent, it describes a smartwatch with modular features, where one of the modules could be a camera. This camera attachment is part of the watch’s strap, where in the example shown above, it can be attached or removed as necessary. This means that in the event that cameras are banned, users can easily remove the camera portion and replace it with one of the strap’s links, and vice versa.

According to LG, one of the uses that they imagine that a camera on a smartwatch could be used for is to scan the barcodes of products. For example users could go shopping and scan the barcode of an item to find if there is any ongoing promotion or sales for the item that they are looking at.

They also envision how the smartwatch’s camera could be used as a health tool, where it can analyze the composition of food item to determine how many calories it has, so if you’re trying to keep to a caloric-deficit diet, this could come in handy (although we imagine that using your smartphone is just as viable in both scenarios).

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