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Foldable phones appear to be well on their way to becoming a huge trend for 2019. Will it be a trend that sticks around remains to be seen, but there is definitely a ton of interest. In fact there have been reports that suggests that Motorola could be developing a foldable phone of their own.

Now thanks to the folks at LetsGoDigital, they have put together some renders of what Motorola’s foldable phone could look like based on the patent’s diagrams. Note that these aren’t “leaks”, but rather mockups based on existing diagrams filed by Motorola. Whether or not it will actually look like that should Motorola produce them is anyone’s guess, but it gives us a better idea of what Motorola could be up to.

For the most part it looks like Motorola’s foldable phone will fold right down the middle like a sheet of paper or folded pamphlet. When unfolded it offers up a larger display, with the dimensions feeling very much like a tablet, with a bigger display that should help enhance the reading, web surfing, and video watching experience.

We expect that most companies with foldable phones will approach it similarly, although Xiaomi recently showed off a concept that featured a phone with two foldable displays. Samsung’s own foldable phone should be officially announced at their 20th of February event so it will be interesting to see what Samsung’s take on the foldable phone will be like.

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