It has been rumored for several years now that Apple is working on an electric car of its own. Subsequent rumors suggested that the company had given up on its automotive ambitions and the project was now focused on developing software for autonomous cars. A new report in a German magazine suggests that the so-called “Project Titan” could eventually yield a product which won’t be a car but an electric van.

Manager Magazin hears from multiple unnamed sources that Project Titan isn’t for an electric car as has been suggested previously. It’s claimed that the project which is still in prototype stage could end up being launched as an electric van.

Prototypes of this product have reportedly been spotted in black and silver colors. The report doesn’t provide any specifics about the vehicles, only that Apple is actually testing vans instead of cars as previously believed. Apple’s engineers are now said to be working on the interior of this vehicle.

Apple has remained mum on what Project Titan is all about. There are multiple conflicting reports about it with some still suggesting that the project is nothing more than software for autonomous cars that Apple aims to sell to conventional car manufacturers. However, it seems many still subscribe to the possibility that Apple could make an actual automobile. Whatever it ends up doing, Apple’s “car” wasn’t expected to arrive before 2023 at the earliest so we’ll have to wait a bit to find out what the truth really is.

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