faraday future carRecently a mysterious electric car company called Faraday Future has been making the headlines. The company has zero product but apparently due to the fact that it is backed by huge resources has many curious as to who this company might be, which at the same time has also led to speculation that it could be a front for Apple and the company’s electric car plans.

The company has recently announced that they would be spending a whopping $1 billion on a manufacturing plant in California, and on top of selling electric cars, the company has “plans to explore other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership and usage models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving.”

So why could Faraday Future be a front for Apple? For starters the new company has already hundreds of employees in place, which is in line with a rumor that we heard earlier this year that Apple’s Project Titan had a team of hundreds already. The company’s SVP is Nick Sampson who used to be the former director of vehicle and chassis engineering at Tesla, and we all know that Apple has been poaching Tesla’s employees.

Some of the employees in the company also have very extensive backgrounds in electric cars or automobiles in general, and as we have seen, Apple has been on a hiring spree when it comes to hiring employees with automotive/electric vehicle backgrounds. Now all of this could just be pure speculation but the fact that the company has such huge resources backing it, along with their operations matching certain Apple Car rumors, there does seem to be some correlation, but what say you?

Could Faraday Future be a front for Apple, or do you think our reasoning is a bit of a stretch?

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