The Battlefield franchise has been one of EA’s main staples where every year (or every other year) a new Battlefield game is released. Last year EA gave us Battlefield V, the latest title in the franchise, but unfortunately it seems that despite the game receiving pretty good feedback and reviews, it was not the hot seller that the publisher had anticipated.


According to the figures, Battlefield V had only managed to sell 7.3 million copies. We reckon that for any other game, this figure would be a very, very huge deal, but it seems that EA was expecting more, about a million more. This meant that the game fell short of their expectations where it was revealed during the company’s latest earnings call.

During the call, EA had expressed their hope that the game would continue to sell more copies following updates to the game and the upcoming battle royale mode which is scheduled to be released this year. It is unclear out of the 7.3 million copies sold, how many are active players, but there is a good chance that there could be quite a few.

This is because EA points at older Battlefield titles, such as Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4, both of which are still home to 4 million and 2 million active users respectively. Given how much newer Battlefield V is, there is a chance that this number could be higher.

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