Ideally, we should all be doing our part to keep our earth clean by not disposing of trash in places they do not belong, like in the river. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that not everyone feels that way, which is why more often than not, we find trash floating about in rivers which is not only unsightly but bad for the fishes and other creatures living in it.


However Swedish furniture maker IKEA is looking to do something about it and has since launched what they are calling the Good Ship IKEA. This is a remote controlled boat modeled after the company’s SMÅKRYP bath toy which will feature environmental cleanup boat technology that is capable of collecting as much as 44lbs of debris at a time.

This means that in theory, deploying a small fleet of these boats should be able to help keep our rivers pretty clean, plus we imagine that it should be usable on lakes as well. At the moment there are currently two such boats being used in Deptford Creek in southeast London. IKEA is giving people a chance to steer them to educate them.

These boats will not be permanent installations as there are plans to donate them to sustainability charity Hubbub. It is pretty obvious that this is a publicity stunt for the company, but hey, if they can help clean up a river or two while the program is still active, we’re all for it.

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