When you use an app, there are certain expectations that you might have when it comes to privacy. Unfortunately according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (via MacRumors), it seems that there are a disturbing number of apps out there on Apple’s App Store that are sending data on its users back to Facebook.


Now you might be thinking that these apps are sending data to Facebook because you used Facebook to sign it, but that isn’t always the case. The report found that apps are sending data back to Facebook even when Facebook isn’t used to log into the app, and even when the user isn’t even a Facebook user to begin with!

What’s interesting about this is that Apple’s policy at the moment does not require developers to disclose all the partners that they share data with, meaning that these apps could be well within their rights to share data with Facebook. However when reached for a comment, an Apple spokesperson said, “When we hear of any developer violating these strict privacy terms and guidelines, we quickly investigate and, if necessary, take immediate action.”

Previously Facebook had been found distributing an app to users where the company paid them to share personal information. In this particular instance, it seemed like it was an abuse of Facebook’s ability to distribute apps internally which prompted Apple to temporarily suspend Facebook’s privileges. It is unclear if Apple will be taking action against these apps, but you might want to check out The Wall Street Journal’s report to see which are the offending apps and if you might be using any of them.

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