When Apple launched their 2017 iPhones, they finally introduced wireless charging to its smartphones. In fact there have been recently discovered patents that even suggests that Apple could be interested in reverse wireless charging. However it looks like those patents could very well come true soon enough.

In a report from Macotakara, they have learnt from various sources that Apple could actually introduce reverse wireless charging to its 2019 iPhones. For those who are unfamiliar with reverse wireless charging, basically it allows a device, like a phone, to charge another device wirelessly.

This isn’t exactly new technology because companies such as Huawei and Samsung have introduced it to their smartphones, so Apple would not be the first to offer it either. It has been suggested that with reverse wireless charging, it would allow the iPhone to charge up devices like the Apple Watch or the AirPods in its wireless charging case.

It is an interesting feature, although as we have seen in the past, it charges pretty slowly. We imagine that this is more for emergency situations when you just need to charge a device so it stays operational long enough. Also given that iPhones don’t exactly have the biggest batteries, we’re not sure how practical it might be, but since it’s not confirmed it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt.

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