According to the rumors, Apple could be planning to refresh its iPad lineup. One of the tablets part of the refresh is the iPad mini 5 and also the budget iPad model that was originally launched in 2018. However it turns out that the refresh of the budget iPad could also come in a new design.


This is according to a leakster by the name CoinX who claims that Apple could actually be working on two new iPads – a 10.2-inch model and a 10.5-inch model. He/she also claims that the tablets will be launching separately as opposed to together. If true, it will be put the iPad lineup in a bit of a weird spot.

As it stands Apple has two iPad Pro models. They also the budget iPad which is keeping the 9.7-inch display, so it is unclear where these new models will fit. Will Apple replace the 9.7-inch model with the 10.2-inch model? And if so, what will the 10.5-inch represent? Will it still be part of the budget lineup except with a slightly larger display for those who might need the screen real estate?

As AppleInsider notes, CoinX has in the past been pretty accurate with their leaks, such as predicting the 2018 iPad Pros and also the 2018 iPhones, so there is a chance that their latest revelations could be spot on as well, but until we get the official word, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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