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No two people are alike because we all have different upbringings, different opinions, a different set of morals and ethics, and so on. However there is a question of if we were to clone a person, would the clone be exactly the same as the original? We suppose we’ll never really know, but over in China, that’s what they’re trying to do with police dogs.

According to a report from China Daily (via Engadget), it seems that Chinese researchers have successfully cloned their first police dog. The idea is that apparently it takes too long and costs too much to train police dogs from scratch, and that the end result might be different from dog to dog where some end up being better candidates than others.

So by cloning a successfully-trained police dog, researchers believe that this would save time as all the inherent traits of what made that dog so ideal in the first place can be replicated easily. The cloned dog, known as Kunxun, was cloned from a “great” police dog by plucking somatic cells from the skin of the adult dog.

This is currently an experiment with plans to eventually “mass produce” these dogs in the next 10 years, assuming that all goes well. There have been some ethical questions raised in the past about cloning animals, so clearly this will be quite a hot issue.

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