Apple charging such a premium on their iPhones isn’t doing their customers any favors because it also means that iPhones are now more desirable than ever to thieves. However what’s interesting is that based on data from Prey, a device-protection company, it seems that your iDevice is more likely to have been misplaced than stolen.


For those unfamiliar, Prey is a company that specializes in device protection and has created software that is essentially a more souped up version of Find My iPhone. The app can be installed on various devices and can even be used to create geofences so that you know when your device leaves an area. Based on the data they’ve collected from users who use their services, they have found that 69.12% of users who put their device into “missing mode” more than likely misplaced them.

In fact when it comes to theft, those numbers are actually pretty low when all added up, which includes being pickpocketed, a home invasion, robbery, a car break-in, or a business break-in. This isn’t to say that iPhone theft isn’t a problem, but the next time your phone goes missing, there is a good chance you might have misplaced it rather than it having been stolen from you.

To Apple’s credit, they have also introduced various security tools and measures that make it harder for a thief to wipe your phone and resell it.

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