With all the hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame, especially after the way Infinity War ended, it’s not surprising that the movie was high-anticipated and watch by many around the world. As such, it is also not surprising to learn that Endgame has since managed to smash the global box office record.

According to the numbers, the movie has managed to earn $644 million in worldwide ticket sales during its opening weekend, and with the weekend still not yet over, there is a good chance that it could make a lot more by Monday. The previous record holder was Infinity War which managed $641 million, so it looks like even though pirated bootleg copies of the movie had leaked online pretty early, it didn’t seem to have had much of a negative impact on the movie’s success.

So far the movie has received extremely favorable reviews, with many praising the efforts of Marvel for creating something that no one else had done. The movie has also done especially well in China where the movie has made $217 million to date. In the US, the movie is poised to do even better where it has made $156.7 million to date, with Disney predicting that it could hit $310 to $340 million by the end of the first three days.

It remains to be seen if Endgame will have what it takes to beat the likes of Avatar which still holds the title as the highest-grossing movie at $2.78 million, although from what we can tell, it seems that there is a chance it might have a fighting chance against Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Titanic, both of which managed $2.06 and $2.18 billion respectively.

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