Given that EV charging stations aren’t quite as ubiquitous as gas stations at the moment (they are slowly getting there), it means that it isn’t quite as convenient or simple for EV car owners to recharge their cars. To make things worse, there have been reported instances of how some gas car owners who park their cars at EV charging stations.


We’re not sure if this is done to troll EV car owners or just being inconsiderate, but it could soon be illegal to do so. During a recent general assembly, a new bill was passed in Colorado where if it is made into law, it would fine gas powered car owners for parking in spots designated to be used for EV charging. This would hit car owners who are not actively charging their cars with fine of $150 along with a surcharge of $32.

This would also apply to EVs who have already fully charged their cars but still don’t move their vehicles to make way for other EV car owners who might need to use the charging station. The text of the bill reads, “An electric vehicle is rebuttably presumed to not be charging if the electric vehicle is parked in a charging station and is not electrically connected to the charger for longer than 30 minutes. A person may park an electric vehicle at a charging station after the electric vehicle is fully charged in a parking lot.”

This would not only discourage the act of “ICEing” but it would help reduce congestion and crowding at EV charging stations, where the fine might deter car owners from hogging charging stations even after their cars have been fully charged.

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