Ever since Apple introduced the iPad Pro that came with its own keyboard accessory, it was really starting to feel as if Apple were trying to suggest that the iPad Pro could double up as a laptop replacement. Now it seems that we could soon see the iPad Pro turn into a pseudo laptop of sorts.

During the Connected podcast, there was some discussion about iOS 13 which will be the next major update to the iOS platform. According to MacStories editor Federico Viticci who was on the podcast, he revealed that during “conversations with others”, it was rumored that mouse support could be coming to the iPad Pro in iOS 13.

As it stands the iPad Pro already supports keyboards either through the Smart Keyboard accessory, Bluetooth, or in some cases as we’ve seen, even connected through the USB-C port. Now with mouse support, you could get an almost laptop-like experience. We say “almost” because of the limitations of iOS, which while great for mobile use, isn’t as conducive as macOS or Windows if you need to get more things done.

Take it with a grain of salt for now, but iOS 13 is expected to be officially revealed at WWDC 2019 which kicks off in the next couple of months, so do check back with us then if you’d like more updates. In the meantime, we have also heard rumors that macOS 10.15 could allow the iPad Pro to double up as an external display.

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