Walmart today announced that it’s making grocery shopping easier for its customers in the United States. The company has teamed up with Google to roll out a new voice ordering feature called Walmart Voice Order. It works with Google Assistant-powered platforms so ordering stuff from Walmart is as easy as giving a voice command to the Assistant.

Starting this month, customers can say “Hey Google, talk to Walmart,” and the Assistant will add items directly to their Walmart cart. The assistant will inform the customer about the item it’s choosing and its price.

The company says that customers can be extra confident that the feature will quickly and accurately identify the items that they’re asking for with the help of information from their earlier purchases at the retail giant.

For example, if a customer tells Google Assistant to “add milk to my cart,” the system will make sure to add the specific milk that the customer buys regularly. Since this functionality is available on Assistant-powered platforms, this means that Walmart Voice Order is accessible from a wide variety of devices, such as tablets, smart speakers, smartwatches, smartphones, and more.

Walmart says that this service will be rolled out to more and more customers over the next few weeks.

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