Facebook-owned Oculus has confirmed that “tens of thousands” of its Touch controllers were shipped with hidden messages inscribed on internal components. These messages were only supposed to be easter eggs on internal prototypes but they ended up making their way on non-prototype editions that were shipped to customers.

Facebook’s head of VR product Nate Mitchell confirmed in a series of tweets that messages like “This Space For Rent,” “The Masons Were Here,” and ironically, “Big Brother Is Watching” were inscribed internally on some controllers. Some even had the message “Hi iFixit, We See You!” written on the inside. Mitchell confirmed that these were meant for prototypes and they “accidentally” made it onto the internal hardware for many Touch controller.

These messages are obviously not going to do anyone any harm and the product will continue to function as it’s supposed to. This is just funny and perhaps even dumb to some extent as you’d expect such a big company to have processes in place that prevent prototype easter eggs from being shipped out to the customers.

At least they have done the right thing and made this public themselves before developers or consumers found them out and wondered why their Touch controller says “Big Brother Is Watching.”

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