One of the problems that electric car owners typically face is range, where unlike gas or diesel cars, it’s harder to find a place to recharge your car compared to fueling it up. This has changed over the years where we’re seeing more charging stations, but they are nowhere as ubiquitous as a gas station.


This why we imagine that having an electric car that offered a longer range would be ideal, and the good news is that this is what Tesla could be doing for some of its older models. According to a report from Electrek, their sources have told them that Tesla could be looking to introduce an upgraded motor to its Model S and Model X cars.

This new motors will use magnet reluctance motors and will be similar to the ones found in the Model 3. This is versus the AC induction motors that were used in older models, and it is supposed to make them more efficient which means that car owners should be able to squeeze out more range from their vehicles.

As Electrek notes, sales of both the Model S and Model X were down significantly in the last quarter, but there is a chance it could be revitalized should newer models be introduced with these new motors that could offer longer range to drivers.

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