The unfortunate reality of the web that we know in this day and age is all about selling information, where companies learn what they can about you and sell that information to advertisers who will then try to market you products. We’ve seen how some companies, such as Apple, step up their efforts at protecting the privacy of their users by blocking trackers.


Now it looks like Google will be doing something similar as well, where they have announced that they will be letting users block cross-site tracking. This feature doesn’t come as a complete surprise as it was previously rumored that the ability to block cross-site tracking could be coming to Chrome, and now it looks like it has.

What this means is that users will soon be able to choose the option to delete single or multi-site cookies without deleting cookies that you might typically use for logging into websites. Google is also expected to ask developers to identify which cookies they use that work across sites, and those who do not comply means that Chrome won’t work properly for that site.

According to Google, “All of the changes announced today represent an important step in ensuring that the ad supported web provides people with access to high-quality content, while protecting their privacy. We will continue to explore opportunities to evolve our tools and practices in ways that enhance user transparency, choice and control.”

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