Earlier this year, it was rumored that Facebook could be looking to unify some of its apps. This included WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger where the idea was that by unifying them, users could chat across them all at once. This is versus the current situation where each app is standalone and more or less separate from each other.

It looks like the rumors have come true because during Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the company has since confirmed that they will be unifying their apps in the future. This was revealed by Messenger’s head of consumer product Asha Sharma who said that in the future, users will be able to send messages across all three of their platforms.

This is expected to be part of the new Messenger experience where one app will be able to handle messages from multiple sources. Sharma likens this experience to how phone calls are made, where it doesn’t matter which carrier you use or your friend uses, a call is still a call and it will go through.

We’re not sure how exactly Facebook plans on implementing this feature and whether or not it could end up being a mess, but we’ll have to wait and see. That being said, we probably shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon so don’t hold your breath for it just yet.

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