Sonos had initially confirmed Google Assistant support for its Sonos One speaker when it was launched in October 2017. The digital assistant was also to be supported on the Sonos Beam smart speaker. It has taken a considerable amount of time for this to happen but as promised by the company last week, the Google Assistant is now available on the Sonos One and Beam smart speakers.

It has taken over a year for this to finally happen but now the Sonos One and Beam do offer native voice control for the Google Assistant. They already have this support for Amazon Alexa. Sonos is essentially the first smart speaker company to provide customers with a choice of digital assistants on a single speaker, they can choose between Alexa or the Assistant.

In order to get this support, all owners of the Sonos One or Beam have to do is to download the latest app update and install the latest firmware. Once that’s done, they can switch over to Google Assistant on the speaker. The Assistant will be able to control their entire Sonos multiroom audio setup, even if it also includes older speakers.

Those who don’t have a newer Sonos speaker can also get some functionality through a Google Home Mini since it’s now possible to link your Google Home speakers to a Sonos. It’s also possible to choose Alexa or Google Assistant for each individual Sonos One or Beam in your audio setup.

In addition to the multimedia capabilities, Assistant on Sonos speakers can do everything can you’d expect it to do on any other device in response to your voice commands. Google Assistant is currently launching for the Sonos speakers in the United States only. Users in Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK will get it in July with more countries to follow.

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