Last year, it was discovered that Huawei had filed for a trademark that indicated that the company could be working on a TV of their own. Now according to a report from the Asian Nikkei Review, it seems that Huawei’s upcoming TV could actually be a rather interesting device with a rumored 8K resolution and also 5G connectivity.


Yes, you heard that right, this will be a TV to beat all TVs, although exactly how big the TV will be or how it looks like is anyone’s guess. At the moment, the majority of TVs are of the 4K resolution, but there are several 8K TVs out there for those who like to futureproof themselves. This also means that Huawei’s TV could end up costing a small fortune, a somewhat odd move for a company that was previously known for creating relatively affordable products.

As for the 5G connectivity, this is an interesting one as well. Presumably, with TVs designed for the home, they usually connect using the home’s WiFi network, but 5G could potentially allow for commercial applications and also maybe even faster speeds than some WiFi networks. It could also, in theory, act as a hub in which you could connect your other devices to take advantage of its 5G speeds.

Now take all this with a grain of salt for now since nothing has officially been announced yet, but if the rumors are true, you can bet that we are very excited to see what the company could be bringing to the table.

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