With the release of Iron Man 3, it introduced the Mandarin character to the MCU. Actor ben Kingsley did a fantastic job at portraying the character, but many felt a little cheated when later on in the movie, there was a plot twist and it was revealed that Kingsley’s character was the “fake” Mandarin.


The good news is that if you were one of those who felt cheated by this fakeout, Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently did an AMA on Reddit, and one of the questions asked by Redditors was whether or not the “real” Mandarin would be making an appearance in the MCU. Feige did not elaborate or dive into details, but simply responded with a, “Yes”.

As to when or where the character will be appearing in, some have speculated that the character might make an appearance in the Shang-Chi movie where the character could be the main villain. Indication that the “real” Mandarin exists in the MCU was actually in a short film part of Marvel’s “One Shot” films.

Dubbed “All Hail The King”, it follows Kingsley’s character where he is being interviewed in jail, where he discovers that the Ten Rings terrorist organization is real, along with an actual person called the Mandarin. We imagine that the character will most likely be making their appearance in phase 4 of the MCU, with the first movie of the new phase expected to kick off in 2020.

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