We have heard rumors that Apple could be working on an ARM-based Mac computer, and now it looks like those rumors are being fueled with Apple’s latest hire. According to reports, it seems that Apple has hired ARM’s lead CPU and system architect, Mike Filippo, whose LinkedIn profile now shows that he is employed at Apple as of May 2019.

For those unfamiliar, ARM is the company that provides the architecture behind many system-on-chips. This includes Apple’s own A-series chipset, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series of chipsets, Samsung’s Exynos chipsets, MediaTek’s chipsets, Huawei’s Kirin chipsets, and so on.

Now, the idea of ARM-based computers isn’t exactly new, and in the past we have seen Qualcomm work with several PC makers to launch Snapdragon-based laptops. One of the upsides to using ARM-based chipsets is that it is a smaller footprint compared to regular laptops, just take our phones and tablets as an example.

It could also potentially provide better battery life, and it could also make it easier to introduce cellular connectivity, especially with e-SIMs starting to become a thing where all users need to do is activate it and not have to worry about a physical SIM card. There is no official word on when Apple’s ARM computers might launch, although last we heard, it was rumored to make its debut in 2020.

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