From a design standpoint, it’s not that hard to see why Apple went with what they did for the previous-gen Mac Pro. The company was trying to aim for a smaller footprint, but it turns out that as powerful as those computers were, it lost the modularity and upgradability of the Mac Pro of the old.

Apple did promise that they would be launching a new Mac Pro and sure enough at WWDC, Apple has since taken the wraps off their brand new computer aimed at professionals. In terms of design, this Mac Pro seems to be an evolution over the model launched two generations ago. This is a tower design with an aluminum frame, feet, and handles that will make it easy to carry around.

As expected, Apple has brought back the modular design to the Mac Pro where this particular model can be customized to the user’s liking where it has a six-channel memory architecture, 12 physical DIMM slots, all of which will allow up to 1.5TB of RAM. There are also eight PCIe expansion slots, twice that of the previous generation, and combine it with its Intel Xeon processors, this machine is a beast.

Unfortunately, all this performance does not come cheap as Apple has priced the new Mac Pro starting at $5,999. It is expected to arrive later in the fall and based on its pricing, it is definitely not for the average consumer.

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