IKEA, the Swedish company known for their affordable furniture, is expanding on the company’s focus where instead of just making affordable furniture, the company wants to be able to cater to a variety of lifestyles. More recently, the company announced plans to explore robotic furniture for small apartments, but they’re not stopping there.

The company has also recently announced that they will be teaming up with UNYQ to develop accessories for gamers to improve the quality of life for gamers at home. No, we won’t be seeing IKEA branded gaming mice or keyboards, but instead, it seems that the company is looking at creating products for gamers with accessibility needs.

According to Michael Nikolic, Creative leader at IKEA of Sweden, “It’s true that we haven’t seen the full potential of this group earlier and we haven’t looked into their specific needs at home as much as we should. There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding gamers. In fact, it is a large group of people in all ages where gaming is even a full-time job for some.”

So far some of the prototypes that have been created included textured keycaps, a mouse cord bungee, and also a custom wrist band that uses your smartphone’s camera to scan your wrist’s dimensions to 3D print a band that fits.

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