Editing video clips on our mobile devices are usually a less-than-ideal experience due to the relatively smaller screens. It makes it harder to do more complex tasks, but if you absolutely need to make some quick edits on the go, iMovie for the iPhone and iPad is a useful tool, especially since it is free and is bundled with all iOS devices.


For those who think that iMovie on iOS could stand to be improved upon, you’ll be pleased to learn that is exactly what Apple has done. The company has recently released an update for its iMovie app where it will now come with a brand new green screen feature. For those unfamiliar, shooting on a green (or blue) screen allows you to add your own background to a scene.

This is used extensively in movies, especially ones that involve a lot of CG, such as the Avengers movies. With the new green screen feature, users will now be able to add their own custom backgrounds to video clips. Apple claims that despite the name, it will also work with clips shot in front of a blue screen as well.

In addition to this new feature, the update will also include 80 new soundtrack options for users to choose from and also the ability to use photos as overlays, and also the ability to hide borders. The update should already be live so head on over to the App Store if you haven’t updated it already.

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