A lot about a person’s health can be gleaned through their blood, which is why blood tests are usually ordered whenever you go for a health screen or a general checkup. However, it seems that the humble blood test could be getting a huge boost in the near future, thanks to the efforts between Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies.


Both companies have come together to collaborate on a technology that would rely on AI to help diagnose several diseases from a single blood test. The best part is that according to Peter Lee, corporate vice president of Microsoft Healthcare, this test might not be too far off in the future and that it could come in the next few years.

According to Lee, “This sounds a lot like science fiction. And in fact, when the idea was first presented to me by the people at Adaptive Biotechnologies, I was also somewhat skeptical about this, despite the fact that that I’m a big fan of Star Trek.” The test works by interpreting information about the patient’s immune system that is based off a sample of blood.

Adaptive’s technology will then decode the information associated with the T-cells, which according to Lee will reveal “all of the information that’s needed to determine exactly what cancer, what infectious diseases and what autoimmune disorders your body might be coping with.”

This would not be the first time we’re seeing AI applied to the healthcare industry. For example, we’ve seen how AI could be used to help detect other health problems such as cancer and also Alzheimer’s.

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