Last year at CES, Samsung took the wraps off a TV called “The Wall”. It was named such due to its sheer size which measures 146-inches, allowing it to span across an entire wall, hence the name. If you thought that a TV that measures 146-inches is big, you’re not wrong, but Samsung has a new “The Wall” TV that would put its predecessor to shame.

With the next-gen The Wall TV, Samsung has essentially doubled the size of the display where it now spans 292-inches. It also comes with an 8K resolution which means that all content displayed on it should be pretty crisp. For those who are unfamiliar, the concept of The Wall is that it is a modular display.

This involves the use of microLEDs and also bezel-less edges to help create a seamless, gigantic display. It also means that in terms of size, users will be able to configure it where it can be as small as 73-inches in 2K resolution, or it can stretch up to its full size at 292-inches at 8K resolution, assuming that you have that much space available.

Samsung has also announced that it will be available this coming July but stopped short of mentioning how much it would cost. Then again, with these kinds of products, chances are if you had to ask how much it is, you’re probably not the target market that Samsung is aiming at.

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