Our cars are designed to take us from Point A to Point B, but it seems that in a bid to perhaps shake up the way we drive and how we view our cars, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has been coming up with some pretty novel ideas. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that he announced that Cuphead would be playable in Tesla’s cars. He also recently revealed that Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter would be coming to their cars.

Now it looks like during his surprise appearance at E3 2019, Musk has also revealed that YouTube would be coming to Tesla’s vehicles in the future. There was no word on when exactly YouTube would be launching for Tesla’s vehicles, but it could be a feature to look forward to in the future.

We expect that the same safety precautions will be applied to YouTube, where videos can only be watched if the car is stationary and in park mode. For those unfamiliar, those are the same safety requirements needed in order to play games in the vehicle as well. We doubt that having the ability to play YouTube in your car will be the selling point for Tesla, but it will be a good way to utilize that huge infotainment display.

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