Tesla may have a pickup truck in the pipeline but YouTuber Simone Giertz doesn’t want to wait around for it. Giertz, best known for her robotics shenanigans on YouTube, needed a pickup truck to carry her materials but she didn’t want a big gas guzzler. So she decided to buy a new Model 3 instead and then proceeded to transform it into a pickup truck herself.

One of the reasons why Giertz became so popular on YouTube was her 2×4 approach to robotics. The designs weren’t seamless but you would always understand the intention behind the creations. Take, for example, the alarm clock she created which slaps you in the face. Talk about an effective wake up call!

As one would imagine, you need to make quite a few modifications to a car that was meant to be a sedan if you want to turn it into a pickup truck. That’s what Giertz did to her brand new Model 3. She carved out the back seat and the trunk in addition to making many different modifications.

Her process of converting this Model 3 into a pickup truck is equally as scrappy but its makes for great viewing. Be sure to grab some snacks. The video is 31 minutes long.

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