Have you ever wanted the fame and recognition that comes with being a celebrity? If you do, then you might be interested to learn that according to the UK’s ad regulator, it seems that anyone with a social media following of at least 30,000 people can be technically considered as a “celebrity”.

This “standard” was set following a recent post made by Instagram user Sarah Willox Knott, also known as @ThisMamaLife, in which she shared a post endorsing a sleeping sedative. The ad itself was pre-approved by the Proprietary Association of Great Britain trade group but according to the Advertising Standards Authority, they claim that because Knott had over 30,000 followers, she was technically considered a celebrity, and as such, violated a set of rules that prevented celebrities or health professionals from endorsing medical products.

According to the ASA, “We considered over 30,000 followers indicated that she had the attention of a significant number of people. Given that she was popular with, and had the attention of a large audience, we considered that ThisMamaLife was a celebrity for the purposes of the CAP Code.”

So, if you’re a social media user who has more than 30,000 followers, it seems that you now have the bragging rights of being considered a celebrity, at least by UK’s advertising standards.

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