Regular cars can get pretty noisy due to its engine. This is one of the advantages that electric cars have over regular cars, but at the same time, it can be dangerous. This is because regular cars can be loud enough where pedestrians will know when a car is near or behind them, but this isn’t the same for electric cars.


This means that for pedestrians who aren’t paying attention could potentially get hit and run over by an electric car. However, over in the EU, a new law has been passed and will be coming into effect on the 1st of July. This new law will require electric cars to be outfitted with a noise-emitting device that will let pedestrians known that they are there.

These noise-emitters will only be activated when the car is traveling under 12mph or while reversing, so it’s not as if the noise-emitter will be causing noise pollution throughout the entire ride. According to the EU, the reason behind the decision for the speed limit and also while reversing is because they believe that is when electric cars will most likely be near pedestrians.

That being said, while we understand the reasoning behind this, we have to say that it does sound rather odd. You can actually take a listen to these warning sounds in the video above.

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