A couple of months ago, Google announced a new smart home device in the form of the Nest Hub Max. If the device caught your attention and you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on it, then you might be pleased to learn that Google has confirmed that the device is currently set for a release on the 9th of September.

The device was originally announced back in May and it looks like after about four months or so, the Nest Hub Max will finally be released. It will be priced at $229 which is actually pretty decent considering its features. For those who are unfamiliar with the Nest Hub Max, this is a combination of a variety of smart devices all rolled into one.

It more or less combines devices such as the Nest camera, the Google Home Max, and the Google Home Hub, so when you think about it, $229 isn’t too bad of an asking price. Thanks to its camera, it can actually be used as an indoor security camera, while the display can also be used to stream and watch videos.

The built-in camera will also come with facial recognition technologyh called Face Match, where based on who it recognizes, will be able to provide that user with personalized information about themselves, like upcoming calendar appointments.

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